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  • News5 months ago

    McLaren hopeful because of Red Bull: 'This is what gives them big advantage'

    Another year has passed since the new regulations were introduced: this is the biggest change since 2009. These changes should make “close matches” easier. In this...

  • News5 months ago

    Audi aims to start F1 engine tests by end of 2023

    The manufacturer’s major investment in Sauber will enable Audi to enter F1 in 2026 with an engineered engine program and a racing team, while Volkswagen Group...

  • News5 months ago

    Horner criticises FIA choice: 'Absolutely ludicrous'

    Christian Horner was unhappy with the decision to host the sprint race in Baku for the first time this year. Formula 1 will take place in...

  • News5 months ago

    FIA dismisses Sainz’s F1 Australian GP penalty review

    Ferrari has appealed to the governing body for review rights in response to a five-second penalty awarded to Sainz for tagging Fernando Alonso during the final...

  • News5 months ago

    Minardi: ‘Moving AlphaTauri from Faenza would be very difficult’

    Minardi hasn’t been on a Formula 1 circuit since 2005, but their factory is still packed with workers every day. It has been 18 years since...

  • News5 months ago

    Full FIA stewards’ verdict on Sainz’s Australian GP penalty

    Ferrari asked the FIA ​​to review the right to the five-second penalty, which saw Sainz drop from fourth to 12th as the safety car finished in...

  • News5 months ago

    Competition for Verstappen in Baku? 'He is extra motivated now'

    In less than two weeks, Formula 1 will resume racing in Baku after a long break. Red Bull Racing, with three victories in three races, also...

  • News5 months ago

    Sainz Australian GP penalty review had sufficient new evidence

    The FIA ​​has rejected Ferrari’s request for a five-second penalty for Sainz in Melbourne for hitting Fernando Alonso at the restart of the final. Sainz’s penalty...


News2 months ago

Vandoorne to drive Aston Martin F1 car in Pirelli tyre test at Spa

Videos2 months ago

F1 2023 Belgian GP – Everything You Need To Know

News2 months ago

McLaren “true contenders” for F1 best of the rest tag